Convert under-used paddling pools into exciting splash pads…

SPLASHPADS ARE EXCITING crowd pleasers for all the family. Pic. The Splash

Splash pads can be an excellent social environment for all children but especially those with learning or physical disabilities. Specialist suppliers, The Splash, has recently been undertaking new projects to convert redundant paddling pools and convert them into splash pads to create more inclusive, accessible, creative play spaces.

The Splash team work with local authorities, as well as holiday parks, to create inclusive play areas where children can get together and play in a stimulating and immersive environment. Designed to be space and cost efficient, the splashpads are a vibrant oasis that will attract visitors to an area, having a huge positive impact on businesses and communities alike. Crucially, the team has designed its own system and features that provide huge water saving benefits to our customer’s.

By recirculating water, their tried and tested system, that conforms to industry standards, can save up to 50m3 of water per day; a huge water saving over the annual demands of a busy attraction. “The change away from single use systems has been driven not only by cost saving but also environmental impact,” explains Clare Jayson on behalf of The Splash. “With the concern of water shortages in the future and the potential of more prolonged droughts, we can see the possibility that single use systems might not be able to open,” Clare adds.

DESIGNS BY THE SPLASH are saving up to 50m3 of water per day.

The Splash has developed their system to comply with PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) recommendations and to enhance the ease of maintenance. They have automated and simplified their system while maintaining high levels of safety and quality. A splashpad system will need a three-phase electric supply, a mains Sewer and a mains water supply. The closer these are to the preferred site, the less cost that will be spent on facilitating these. You probably need a minimum of 200m2 of space to allow a 150m splash pad with a 1.2m wide path.

The splashpad location should be where trees are not too close as leaves and debris cause drains to block and don’t forget about ample car parking if you are looking to attract day visitors. Themed play features can create more imaginative play and can be tied into local historical events. Castles, Dragons, Pirates, Nautical and Dinosaurs are all popular themes and can create great visuals for marketing. Clare adds: “Make sure that the design proposed is age relevant and covers the age groups that your park is catering for.

“A good design will create areas of free movement and high levels of activity for children in the 6-12 age range with areas of less activity and gentler features for toddlers and less confident children.” All The Splash bespoke features are made, in the UK which means you can benefit from considerable cost and time saving with almost endless design possibilities. Manufacturing processes and experience give you the advantage of a completely bespoke design project at an ‘off the shelf’ price.

The Splash