Why settle for a pool when you can have an aquatic playground…

BODY SLIDES or board ‘n rides come with huge visitor appeal.

With the vast array of add-ons that are now available, mean that even the most modest swimming pool can be transformed into an aquatic playgrounds. A plethora of waterslide options offer varying journeys at a choice of speeds and travel in either an open or closed flume. A great water attraction is one that provides a form of aquatic play for everyone. An aquatic feature should be designed and developed to spontaneously entertain many visitors throughout its hours of operation. Body slides and waterslides sometimes require a raft to board and ride with some starting inside, venturing outside before completing the journey back indoors.

A GREAT WATER attraction is one that provides a form of aquatic play for everyone.


Start and stop systems, with touchpad sensors and speedometers for competitive games, offer special effects such as LED rings, transparent sections and video projectors that provide virtual reality experiences. Boasting a fleet of engineers and an impressive 56 years of experience, aquatic play specialists, Ustigate, meet every enquiry with fresh eyes. Ustigate provide a full turnkey solution in the design, build and maintenance of water attractions and are proud to have designed and built over 100 water features and more than 100 aquatic play facilities as they approach their sixth decade in business.

“Our team expertise and experience expands with every project and more knowledge coupled with evolving modern technology enables us to conserve more and utilise wisely,” explains Ustigate’s Michelle Minns-Sykes. “It is an exciting industry to work in and our collaborations, team, partnerships and products enable us to move with the times and remain at the height of aquatic innovation and efficiency,” Michelle continues. “Our dedication is enhancing inclusive aquatic environments for everyone to enjoy whether it be a calming water feature or a large tipping bucket or faster flume that thrills.”

USTIGATE was a key supplier in the award-winning The Wave swimming pool design in Coventry.


Offering to deliver an inclusive aquatic play scheme that is fun for friends, families, all ages and abilities, Ustigate partner with global aquatic play giants, Vortex, for projects and products that have proven to last the test of time. “The best factor in our line of work is the ability to excite and exercise an inclusive audience at the same time,” says Michelle.

Ustigate Waterplay and Vortex International now offer much more choice and much more play value; there is a choice of 150+ Splashpad® Products and plentiful ground sprays too. The majority of the products are available with a Safeswap™ anchor enabling the exchange of products in the future, without the need to break the ground. A Safeswap™ anchor can be seen with an above ground item, a ground spray or capped.

This enables a splashpad to be built in phases and it also ensures the aquatic play facility will remain modern in years to come as new products can be easily introduced in the future. It is not just the product choices that have upped the aquatic play game. Vortex have incorporated a number of technologies into their product line; making play items more interactive and aquatic play activities more physical and fun.

EVEN MODEST SPACES can be transformed into an aquatic playgrounds. Pic. Ustigate.


Examples are the award-winning Explora collection that engages children to move, push, pull, spin and splash and a family of flush mounted features called Hop that invite children to bounce and splash. The technologies Turntec™ and Twirltec™ invite children to rotate features a full 360° which places the water direction in their excitable hands. Features that include Twirltec™ also provide the ability to rotate and create attractive, spiralling water patterns.

Ground sprays are offered in all shapes, sizes and heights; some arrive with gusto and others provide a nice gentle water effect, perfect to tickle the toes of novices arriving to experience water play for the first time. “A benefit of water play is that it engages children to interact with each other and this promotes positive social development,” Michelle points out. “The aquatic play activities that excite and exercise promote both physical and mental wellbeing.

Michelle says: “Timescales are generally no more than 12 weeks to finalise a design, procure, construct, complete, carry out a water test, commission, provide staff training and handover. “There is not a generic figure that can be produced for a project because all projects are unique in terms of the scheme, location and installation – the play value, plant room and connection to services.” An enquiry begins with gathering information, a meeting, site survey and design brief. So start gathering those aquatic play ideas straight away.

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