Jason Nash plunges into the magical world of aquatic water play…

SPICE UP your visitor appeal with investment in water play.

Aye, Me Hearties!’ I am adopting my best Captain Jack Sparrow voice, because pirate themes remain among one of the top design themes for aquatic water play. Dolphins are a bit old hat these days but, no doubt buoyed by blockbuster movies like Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid, nautical themes are still a very popular creative trend and never forget the ever-popular dungeons and dragons!

“When we design for any site, we have to look at the space,” advises Nicholas Creis, one of the expert design team of global water play specialists, ProSlide. “A resort or holiday park generally has less space available than a full water park, so we have to take that into account,” Nicholas acknowledges.

WATER RIDES have a known record of being excellent ways to attract guests to a location. Pic. ProSlide.


Fitting in to a limited space has resulted in many holiday operators opting for popular body slides like ProSlide’s TWISTER or RallyRACER® that can be customised to fit smaller sites. Water rides have a known record of being excellent ways to attract guests to a location for their summer holidays, while being relatively low maintenance. But it is vital to work with a supplier that can assure differentiation, an incredible ride experience, and a safe, on-time opening.

Rides that cater for families are particularly popular, like the ones found in ProSlide’s WaterKINGDOM line of attractions. Budgets can vary even more. It is not uncommon to see investments starting at £150,000 for KIDZ Rides and going up to £1 million for an entire tubing or body slide complex. “At ProSlide, we’re always squarely focused on working in collaborating with our client, assessing their needs, and designing what works best for their budget,” says Nicholas.

“Timelines and budgets are rather variable and dependent on a number of things,” he continues. “We need to consider whether we’re looking at an existing site, where the client wants to do an expansion, or whether we’re looking at a completely new site. “For an expansion, many clients are looking at approximately one year before their ride opens – though it can be less for a smaller attraction. Newer sites tend to have more to consider and it can be two to three years before their rides open.” ‘Avast!’ Oh, I am off again. It costs nothing to have an initial friendly ‘Parley’ with ProSlide on how to spice up your visitor appeal with investment in water play. So why not make contact today.