The best aquatic play spaces offer indoor and outdoor aquatic activities, incorporating swimming pools, splash pads and flumes. Ustigate Waterplay are partnered with Vortex Aquatic Structures International Inc and wiegand. waterrides, enabling designs and concepts of every variety and an aquatic play favourite for every age and ability.

A flume with a number of game options and special effects is a popular and exciting attraction but it does have to limit rider descents for safety reasons, so it is important to have other aquatic activities on offer too. In a one pool, one flume scenario, the flume would be in great demand and the queues would be long.

Adding a splash pad that provides a variety of water play activities will entertain a number of guests at every given time. Elevations™ are also a great option for a water park and a holiday park because they spontaneously entertain many friends and family in the same footprint and heighten and enhance the play experiences as a whole.

The Vortex Elevations™ available from Ustigate Waterplay, provide the ability to generate multi-level play and to add climbing and sliding to the activities involved. They are available in all shapes, sizes and themes with a multitude of play items on board. All designs and projects carried out by Ustigate Waterplay are led by inclusivity, accessibility and sustainability and are proven to last.

GUESTS CAN RACE against time and each other with attractions like the Speed Racer.

An indoor and outdoor splash pad maximises the offering of water play facilities at a holiday park because no matter what the weather holds, a good time can be had by all. The benefit of a splash pad is that it uses a lot less water than a pool making it less costly to run in terms of water usage, water treatment and energy.

Also, as all aquatic activities are provided without any water depth on a splash pad, there is no need for a lifeguard and these water play facilities are 100% safe and accessible for all ages and abilities. Generally, where space allows it, Ustigate Waterplay will design and establish a splash pad with zones that cater for those that arrive with water confidence and those that prefer their water play served at a nice, gentle pace.

A splash pad is sustainable because of its inclusive appeal and its efficiency in terms of its design. The majority of Ustigate’s Vortex Splashpad® products are manufactured from recyclable stainless steel and provided with a proven 25- year warranty. Many of the products include Seeflow™, a translucent material made from pre-consumer recycled materials that casts colourful, sensory reflections around the environment when water and sunshine are present.

The Vortex Splashpad® collection invites all children to interact with each other and to interact with the products themselves. There are technologies that require children to work together to create a bigger splash and many products with 360° rotation ability that places both exercise and the water direction into the water player’s hands.

THE OPEN FLUME from Ustigate is a guaranteed water winner.