Events present a wealth of business ideas to help with your forward planning...

TAKE AN AWAY DAY to shows like SALTEX to boost your location business planning.

As hard as it is to tear yourself away from day-to-day operations, an away day to attend a focused trade event can help with vital forward planning. Taking a step back from those daily duties can clear your mind and give you a fresh perspective on honing that vital business plan for short, medium, as well as long term investment and development.

A timely bit of trade show pre-planning should enable you to set some visit objectives while still remembering to keep open to new ideas. Check out the exhibitor floor plan, print off a copy and mark your target contacts before you set off while planning your best routes around the venue.

Don’t forget to check out the odd seminar or two to take the weight off your feet and absorb ideas and inspiration on your key topics. Pre-registration is a must for a smooth arrival while planning travel times to avoid the rush hour travel – sometimes worth taking time out for a break and staying on longer.

You can put yourself in the fast lane by pre-booking some meetings with exhibitors – but don’t forget to check out their competitors to ensure you are partnering with the best value suppliers. So pack up those business cards, chose your most comfortable shoes, as we recommend three shows to add to your diary in the coming months.