FROM CASTLES TO EXPLORERS TO PIRATES, a Ledon Playground from OLP can give your holiday park the edge you are looking for.

If you are looking for an eye-catching themed playground to keep your smaller visitors entertained, then look no further than Online Playgrounds who are the main UK partner for Ledon Play Equipment. Designed in Denmark with children for children, no ideas are scrimped on.

This is not just tested or photographed with children, but they are involved from developing the first ideas through storytelling, through to trialling the final prototypes. Children are the experts at play, so it makes sense to ask them what makes the most fun play equipment.

With a huge number of imaginative play values, the play equipment is not only amazing fun, but it also helps children’s creative, emotional, social, physical and cognitive development – an all-round winner! The Ledon theme worlds create exciting universes which can spark the imagination and encourage role play.

This encourages emotional understanding and social interaction. From castles to explorers to pirates, a Ledon Playground from OLP can give your holiday park the edge it needs to attract more visitors. These worlds can be as large or small as your space or budget dictates.

From large multiplay units and associated matching springers, swings and see-saws through to much smaller single item areas we can work within your guidelines to create an enticing and accessible play area.

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