BATTERY RIDES can be operating and taking money within a few hours of reaching a holiday park site.

Battery-operated rides are long-term generators of all-year-round income for holiday park destinations. Crucially, battery rides can be operating and taking money, on any hard and level surface, or pool in the case of bumper boats and family day boats, within a few hours of the rides and their long-life batteries being delivered, fully charged, to site.

Top of the 2023 popular attractions for holiday destinations are bumper cars, bumper boats, disco bikes, driving schools and ‘Big Car’ adventures, advise World Of Rides. These chart-topping choices all come with high-income credentials and with versions of customer-friendly ‘pay-to-play’ systems.

Offering zero emissions, ‘parent and child’ battery-operated rides can also be easily and safely operated either indoors or outdoors as the weather and seasonal demands dictate and can be easily transported between grounds. “Can I just say a very big thank you to all our early-bird and forward-thinking customers for their early confirmed orders as it saves any last-minute panics and the disappointment of a late delivery,” said World Of Rides’ Sales Manager Andrew Robinson.

Forward ordering is everything this year, due to supply chain problems world-wide, and the rides are also much cheaper to buy, as further price increases this year are almost certain. All World of Rides battery-operated rides are proudly supplied with full UK BACTA-HSE-ADIPS safety documentation that is now an essential requirement of BACTA membership.

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