LAST YEAR’S BEACH CLEAN saw almost 5,500 volunteers collect over 140,000 pieces of litter.

Staff at parks belonging to Park Holidays UK volunteered to take part in the Marine Conservation Society’s Great British Beach Clean this autumn. Marking its 30th anniversary this year, the annual clean-up event aims to rid beaches of litter and to highlight the importance of disposing of waste properly.

Many of the 50-plus parks belonging to the group played their part, each based alongside some of the most attractive beaches in England, Scotland and Wales. Group director Tony Clish said that there was no lack of volunteers coming forward to help keep the sands spotless for holiday guests: “This summer, as ever, the glorious beaches adjoining many of our parks made the perfect day out for families – whether they were basking, playing, swimming or rock-pooling.

“We want everyone to be able to enjoy a clean and safe environment when they go down to the sea and are proud supporters of the Marine Conservation Society’s initiative. “A beach free of litter doesn’t just benefit holiday guests, it also helps remove a serious threat to marine life when the waste is swept out by the waves.

“We hope that our efforts will send out a wider signal about the importance of taking items such as plastic drink bottles and food wrappings back from the beach for recycling,” he said. According to the Marine Conservation Society, last year’s Beach Clean saw almost 5,500 volunteers taking part and collecting over 140,000 pieces of litter.