Hot Stuff From The Kitchen

Hot Stuff From The Kitchen

If you cannot stand the heat – get it out of the kitchen… and turn it into free hot water, advise climate control specialists, Calorex Heat Pumps, of Maldon, Essex.

Calorex manufactures heat pumps for holiday park and mass catering sectors – specialist machines that cool down steamy locations, such as kitchens, by cooling hot air and removing moisture from the atmosphere.

Here comes the clever bit! Instead of just dumping that unwanted heat outside, Calorex heat pumps recycle the energy they remove to provide free energy by heating the water supply.

A win-win situation for restaurants, holiday parks and other catering outlets who not only improve the working environment for staff but also save money by cutting heating costs.

“Kitchen heat pumps are ideal because they not only create a more comfortable working environment in the kitchen itself but also offer the most economic method of producing hot water”, explains Calorex managing director, Richard Carrington.

“Simple air conditioning units offer nothing back in return but, in comparison, heat pumps not only deliver that air conditioning function but offer free hot water and substantial energy-saving bonuses that will quickly match and surpass that initial additional outlay at the outset”.

As a further bonus heat pumps will not only cool air but also remove moisture from humid atmospheres in far greater quantities than traditional air conditioning. A lease purchase scheme is available and this can often work out cheaper than buying a unit outright; repayments can be tailored to equal the monthly energy savings.

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