THE VECTA FROM CISTERMISER offers significant financial savings for customers.

Cistermiser is the UK’s leading provider of water and energy saving management solutions for commercial and public sector washrooms. The Vecta+ infrared tap and shower ranges, from Cistermiser, are modern and smart, designed to curb excess water flow and deliver significant financial savings for customers.

The taps combine infrared technology and practical design for a touchless, hygienic experience. They cleverly enhance hygiene, curb the spread of germs and embody efficiency and with an intelligent safety shutoff after 60 seconds of continuous use. Helping to prevent any water wastage or potential flooding, they’re the ideal choice for holiday park operators.

With the Vecta+ shower range, customers are investing in lightweight, surface mounted and pre-plumbed shower panels which are ready to be installed. A flow duration set for -30 seconds, means holiday park operators can help to reduce wasted water and save energy, while maintaining reliability and high performance.”

The range features the Vecta+ Sensor Tap, a deck mounted single supply basin tap and Vecta+ Sensor Spout, designed for wall or panel installation, both include an external solenoid for straightforward maintenance. The Vecta+ Sensor Mixer Tap, is equipped with a side-mounted control for temperature adjustment. Offering a choice for holiday park operators, the shower range includes the Vecta+ Mechanical Shower Panel and the Vecta+ Sensor Shower Panel. Both are lightweight, easy to install and maintain and come with patented shower head nozzles to reduce scale damage.

For more information visit www.cistermiser.co.uk