Safety First For Holiday Hot Tubs


Peter Heffer, director of holiday parks at Lorica Insurance warns hot tub owners to ensure they have the right insurance cover.

Safety First For Holiday Hot Tubs

The increasing popularity and demand for holiday hot tubs can be a double-edged sword for holiday park operators.

Installing a hot tub is a substantial investment that can add real value to a holiday property. Even so, unexpected events can happen which can result in serious damage to the tub or to the bathers. For this reason park owners should be aware of the risks and ensure that they’re fully protected by their insurance policy.

“Firstly, there is the risk of damage to the hot tub itself and an insurer needs to appreciate that they are providing cover for this aspect,” explains Peter Heffer, director of holiday parks at Lorica Insurance.

"For example, is the tub an intrinsic part of the holiday or residential home structure or is it a standalone unit, which is arguably contents.”

Peter adds: “Other important questions to think about include does the sum insured cater for the hot tub? Does the insurer provide full policy cover or are certain losses, such as escape of water and accidental damage, excluded? Will cover operate if the home is sub-let?”

There is also the question of cover for injury to third parties. When it comes to hot tubs there can be increased risk of disease if the tub is not properly cared for and maintained to a high standard. With this in mind, Peter stresses the importance of ensuring that you are covered for legal liability to members of the public should they contract an illness or suffer an injury whilst using the hot tub.

Peter adds: “Lastly, you should consider if your insurance policy involves any special conditions that require you to conform to manufacturers’ safety and maintenance requirements. Whether the hot tub was professionally installed or not can also affect the policy.”

Lorica strongly recommend that you check your individual requirements and cover position with your insurance advisor. Talk to the Lorica team today to be sure you are prepared and fully covered for all eventualities.

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