Keeping Up Appearances

Keeping Up Appearances

From the moment guests cross the threshold, they begin to create an opinion of your park. So first impressions, especially the overall appearance and presentation of the site, are crucial.

A bit like painting the Forth Road Bridge, keeping outdoor spaces neat and tidy can seem never ending but an abundance of high-tech equipment and machinery available on the market is making life easier.


Park owners who keep abreast of the times and invest wisely can see significant benefits in terms of performance and efficiency.

For instance, last year Lady’s Mile Holiday Park in Devon was battered by storms, resulting in a massive clearing up exercise. At the time, the park only had a six-inch chipper, which wasn’t able to cope with the volume of work, so park co-owner Jason Jeffrey took the decision to hire in a much larger machine and called for a demonstration of GreenMech’s ChipMaster 220 TMP wood chipper.


“Once Julian Cullis of GreenMech had shown us what the chipper could really do we were hooked,” explains Jason.

“It was also opportune that Julian could give us product safety demonstrations and show all the team how to use it correctly and safely.”

The ChipMaster 220 TMP is ideal for tackling really big jobs with its substantial 220mm chipping capacity. It has a generous 230mm x 230mm infeed throat and powerful twin feed rollers controlled by an electronic No-Stress system. The patented Disc-Blade chipping system will ensure a constant chip quality and reduce the volume of up to seven tonnes of clean green waste per hour. The discharge chute rotates by 280° to allow the operator to direct the chip in the required direction.

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