THE FROSTS created a relaxation zone with the hot tub as the focal point.


Adding a touch of hot tub luxury pays off for holiday bookings…

With the rise in staycations, Yvonne and Graham Frost, owners of Slayleigh B&B in Matlock, made the decision to purchase a hot tub for their property. A hot tub not only adds a touch of luxury but can also increase occupancy and revenue by up to 60%.
With many choosing to stay in the UK, guests are looking to get away and relax with a hot tub often high on their list. According to Google, holiday cottages with hot tubs was the third most searched holiday phrase this year, up by 300% compared to the previous year.
A hot tub allows families and loved ones to reconnect and spend quality time together. People are also focusing on their wellness much more and a hot tub can help with this – soothing aches and pains, reducing anxiety and stress and relieving headaches.

SUPERIOR WELLNESS engineers fitted a cover to the hot tub which helps save on energy costs.

All reasons that may inspire a customer to book a holiday property with a hot tub.
“We are purchasing a hot tub as they have become more popular and is very much a want from guests as well as ourselves and not just solely for the B&B,” explains Yvonne. “I have particularly wanted one for ages, but other priorities took over; they are an expensive luxury so you really need to want one and we do.”
Yvonne felt the hot tub would make a difference to bookings, occupancy and booking rates. She explains: “We are 9.6 and 5 star rated on review websites so we feel our guests already choose us on running costs and upkeep of the tub, we do not however envisage a mass profit margin more maybe a popularity in guests choosing our accommodation over another.”
Yvonne contacted Superior Wellness who were recommended to her by a relative who has one from them and is obviously very happy.

UNDERSTANDING the workings of your holiday hot tubs is essential.


Superior Wellness recommend the Holiday Hot Tub, available as part of its Platinum Spas range, that is ideal for holiday settings from parks and resorts to smaller holiday lets.
This hot tub offers a basic layout no breakable or removable components with and designed for heavy usage. The robust but minimalistic design perfectly complements any garden, decking or outdoor area. The hot tub seats five people with 40 jets and is designed purely for the holiday let market.
Key features include secondary hidden controls, a tamper-proof control panel, in-line chemical dosing and crucially, quick draining.
With no headrests or diverters, the ‘plug and play, 32 amp, can have a WiFi module added so you can monitor the status and access the settings of the hot tub directly from your mobile phone.


“I have to say Superior Wellness, Jordon in the sales team, in particular, has been fantastic in dealing with myself, sourcing my hot tub at short notice and communication.
“They had the hot tub in stock and therefore we could arrange the delivery quickly.
“The delivery team have also been fantastic and I would definitely recommend Superior Wellness. We can’t wait for our guests to start using it.”

THE SUPERIOR WELLNESS TEAM carried out the installation themselves.


Yvonne again: “We thought a lot of where to position our hot tub given the UK climate and so our wow factor is very much the area we enhanced once which was once our summerhouse and potting shed.
“We have turned this into a fabulous relaxing space with mood lighting, artificial grass, spa panel interior, grey chic wood panelling, and bi fold doors.
“Guests can enjoy the tub in all weathers as is under cover. There is a seating area to cool down in between hopping in and out of the hot tub where they can take in the view of our beautiful south facing garden, light and airy by day or on a starry night sky,” Yvonne enthuses. “What more wow do you need?”


Gareth Ward, Sales Director, Superior Wellness reveals: “We have seen a huge increase in demand this year for our holiday let hot tub. We have had some in stock but they sell quickly.
“I would advise you to plan in advance and order your hot tub now to ensure it arrives in time for the start of the season for next year.”
Gareth adds: “We work with a large partner network and we can advise you who your nearest one is.”
“If you are looking to purchase a hot tub for your holiday home, we highly recommend a Platinum Spas hot tub.

Gareth point out: “Many people ask about the pitfalls and problems as it surely can’t be all about increasing revenue.
“The constant upkeep, care and maintenance is the biggest downfall. You need to look after your hot tub and ensure you provide the care and maintenance it needs and stick to the guidelines,” he emphasises.
“However, the increase in revenue you will receive in terms of price per night and occupancy will outweigh any time and money spent on the upkeep.”
“We recommend that the hot tub is replaced approximately every five years depending on usage.”
For more information about the Platinum Spas Holiday Let hot tub please visit www.platinum-spas.com/product/holiday-let-5/

YVONNE AND GRAHAM Frost are delighted with the investment on their Holiday Hot Tub.