Don’t Slip Up On That Inevitable Accident


Talk to Peter Heffer of Lorica Insurance today about their fresh approach to insurance claims.

Don't Slip Up On That Inevitable Accident

Accidents happen. Making the best of them can lead to a happy customer who will come back to your park time and time again.

We asked Peter Heffer of Lorica Insurance Brokers for his insight into how, despite common belief, insurance claims can improve the customer experience.

“All the best efforts in the world won’t stop accidents, it is a fact of life that they can and will happen,” advises Peter. “We can do our best to avoid them but at some point they will occur. Insurance companies accept this fact and make provision within their cash reserves.”

Peter advises: “There is a way to approach claims for injury to third parties (and employees) where the insurer takes a much more proactive stance shortly after the accident has occurred.

“The concept is based around customer care, where the insurer contacts the injured party as soon as reasonably practicable to ask how they are, is there anything they need, would they like someone to arrange various forms of care for them such as physiotherapy and the like.

“Ultimately this early intervention makes the customer feel that they are being treated fairly and they may not bring a formal claim against you, or should they do so then the legal fees are far lower as most of the investigative and medical attention has already been addressed,” adds Peter.

“Some claims won’t even involve a lawyer as the customer has built up a rapport with the insurance company and is happy to work with them.”

Contact Peter today to learn more about Lorica’s fresh approach to insurance matters and how it can benefit your business.

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