Hostages to fortune; a holiday park’s season can stand or fall on the vagaries of the great British summer. So weather-proofing our main attraction presents an obvious opportunity to take the lottery out of year-on-year visitor appeal.

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Ideal for overcoming unpredictable weather in all seasons, an enclosure over an outdoor pool not only provides the potential for year-round swimming but continually extends the swimming day.

Commercial swimming pool enclosures offer new opportunities and increased profitability to venues by extending the season, increasing throughput and reducing costs. The owners of Manor Farm Holiday Centre in Charmouth, Dorset, renovated their pool area and enlisted the expertise of Swimex Enclosures to cover the outside pool in time for the summer tourist season.


The design was fairly complex as one side of the lean-to building needed to rest on a high wall and the other on the pool deck, whilst remaining fully telescopic. Swimex came up with an affordable design answering the requirements, whilst working with valuable input from the clients on the best features available, including telescoping from the biggest bay in the centre rather than the smallest, a more conventional solution.


The robust portal building with powder-coated aluminium frames and fully compliant polycarbonate roof and over 26m long and about 14m at its widest, was made to fit snugly at each end on rain-proof joints against both end walls, whilst the rear wall was used for the lean-to, leaving just the whole 26m front length facing the park.

The bespoke-built Swimex ‘Angular’ telescopic enclosure can be opened up, partially or fully, from the centre to leave a fully open pool for whenever the sun and weather permit. In other moments, the building creates an indoor pool, with air heating when needed.

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