Switching To Automatic Cuts Costs

automatic dosing

Freshwater Beach Holiday Park are one of a tidal wave of swimming pools that are reaping the rewards of switching to automatic control.

Switching To Automatic Cuts Costs

Scott Condliffe at Freshwater Beach Holiday Park in Dorset was content that his previous swimming pool manager was running the outdoor pool in the most cost effective manner, despite the fact that the heat exchangers on the boilers sometimes lasted less than a season!

Four years ago, when Freshwater installed a new indoor pool facility and were obliged to follow current standards and legislation, he realised that there was more to pool water chemistry than black drums of liquid chlorine and split bags of sodium bisulphate on the plant room floor.

Although reticent initially at the capital cost involved with upgrading the outdoor pools, Freshwater now operate all their pools with automatic chemical controllers to constantly monitor water balance and disinfection levels. They are fitted with PAC dosing and Ultra Violet and they have a photometer to accurately measure and record the required pool water test results.

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