Recipe For Success

Recipe For Success

Juggler chefPutting together a marketing strategy is a bit like cooking.

If properly mixed and seasoned; the individual ingredients will come together to result in a delicious recipe for success. Carefully balancing the flavours and ingredients to suit the tastes of your target audience is essential.

For that reason, marketing for all businesses, regardless of size, needs to be carefully thought through, and often requires a multi-pronged approach.

“A good marketing strategy is essential for travel businesses that want to sell more holidays,” comments Robbie Davies, head of business development at Hoseasons.

“Parks should pinpoint their audiences, focus on the sales channels they react to and then use these to continuously communicate the benefits of their product. A successful marketing strategy will target the retention of existing customers as well as the acquisition of new ones.”

Middle-aged couple with teenage son reserving tickets and packinSuzanne Hall, head of holidays marketing at Haven agrees: “A good marketing strategy is crucial for holiday parks; being able to understand your target audience and what their needs and wants are is key. “It is important to ensure that the right product and message is being offered to the right audience at the right time to maximise on your impact.”

Suzanne advises that parks should be constantly re-evaluating their marketing in order to remain current and in touch with their audience. It is important to keep moving and not become stagnant in what you are producing, but this is not to say that you should keep changing your strategy just for the sake of it.

“Firstly, you need to know your audience to ensure that what you offering will appeal to them,” says Suzanne. “Secondly, track as much as possible to see what impact your marketing is having. Thirdly, keep on top of current trends and what is happening in the market as a whole to make sure you are not being left behind. Fourthly, fully utilise the resources available to you in terms of budget and personnel to maximise on your effectiveness.”

She adds: “Finally, it is really important to remain clear on your brand values and proposition as this will allow you to have a unified message that you can send to your audience.”

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