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Lap Of Luxury

UntitledAppealing to families as well as couples, for many holidaymakers, having their own hot tub is the highlight of their break.

Perfect any time of the year, hot tubs are especially indulgent when it is cold outside to add to the lure of an autumn or winter holiday offering. For holiday park operators, adding a hot tub is an opportunity to enhance visitor appeal and to add a premium to the letting price of the accommodation.

When Jenni and Andrew Thomas opened the doors of their idyllic 300-acre working farm, Castle Pren, in rural mid-Wales to holidaymakers the first thing on their shopping list was two hot tubs. The couple called on the services of Three Counties Pools & Spas in Hereford, who recommended the stunning Caldera Vacanza Vantos. Open since May, the park had almost full occupancy through the summer and into autumn.

Jenni says: “Caldera hot tubs have proved a wonderful business asset - the customers absolutely love them. Regardless of the weather, or the time of day they are in use. They are a great investment.”

2Will Welch of Three Counties Pools & Spas adds: “The hot tubs were easy to install with no access issues. We have installed numerous Caldera spas for holiday park settings now and they have all proved highly successful. As soon as the tub is in the correct position, the water fill is started so that by the end of the install, the tub is full and heating and full instruction can be given on tub operation and water chemistry.”

Chesterfield-based Superior Spas recently supplied 26 hot tubs to a holiday park in Devon. The park was charging around £40 per night for each holiday let, but with the addition of the hot tubs the fee has increased to £100 per night.

Superior Spas sales manager Chris Cave says: “We offer discount on bulk orders, so holiday park owners are looking at an average cost of between £2,300 and £2,700 for a good quality hot tub with bulk discount applied. These will last for between five and ten years, if maintained properly, so it really is a worthwhile investment.”

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