Invisible Pool Blanket Dramatically Cuts Gas Bill

Invisible Pool Blanket Dramatically Cuts Gas Bill


Heatsavr has saved Hoburne Holiday Parks thousands of pounds on pool heating costs at the Devon Bay resort.

Hoburne Holiday Parks has saved thousands of pounds on its gas bills, following the introduction of Heatsavr liquid pool cover in the indoor pool at its site in Torbay.

Heatsavr was first used at the park in 2011, in a bid to reduce the gas consumption used to maintain the temperature of the pool and the humidity within the pool hall. Results from an independent analysis by EEVS, the UK’s leading provider of performance measurement and verification services for energy, reveal that Heatsavr has reduced gas usage at the park by 21.7 per cent, the equivalent of £4,500 cost saving per year.

Heatsavr, the original liquid pool cover, was first introduced to the UK leisure industry almost a decade ago. Many commercial pool operators and domestic owners have adopted the technology and enjoyed considerable energy savings, as well as the benefit of a simple pool cover system that works 24 hours a day.

Heatsavr works by slowing evaporation from the pool’s surface. The Heatsavr monolayer spreads across the water and traps energy and moisture within the pool. In an indoor pool, energy savings relate not only to pool water heating but also to the ability to turn down the dehumidification system due to the reduced evaporation.

“For pool managers who are in control of expenditure where the pool itself has limited controls, using Heatsavr may feel like a leap of faith as the energy savings may not be easily extracted,” says Peter Marshall of Brenntag UK. The product is odourless, tasteless and completely invisible, tempting pool managers to wonder if it is working at all.

“But pool managers should have confidence in these findings and recognise that whilst invisible, Heatsavr continues to work throughout the day and night, saving energy and enabling them to focus on other cost saving initiatives within their site.”

Peter adds: “In providing customers with the independent analysis that they have been seeking, we hope to be able to deliver energy saving benefits and ultimately, peace of mind, to a greater number of commercial operators across the UK.”

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