Holiday Snaps: Bev Diamond


Bev Diamond, UKTV Travel Channel and Britain’s Best Breaks

Holiday Snaps: Bev Diamond

Bev Diamond is the managing director of the UKTV Travel Channel, established 10 years ago to broadcast UK travel programmes such as Britain’s Best Breaks...

How do you see the UK tourism industry at the moment?

It’s pretty fair to say that it’s changed an awful lot over the last few years, more historically perceived as a short break destination rather than a proper holiday destination. People who take their main holiday abroad seem to take extra short breaks or holidays in the UK. The downturn is on the up and people are spending, albeit cautiously.

What are the main challenges facing the industry?

Britain has had a lot of positive publicity over the last few years as a great place to visit, but all the focus has been on London, and there’s so much more to Britain which is slightly overshadowed by the capital. Another challenge for UK tourism is that the British public are bombarded by the foreign travel market, lured by the weather, the domestic market needs more publicity so the British population know exactly what’s on offer on their doorstep.

What’s new for Britain’s Best Breaks?

We’re putting together a new UK Travel lifestyle TV show, aiming to bridge the gap between foreign holiday promotion and the UK holiday. Currently our website focuses on location as the key selling point of any UK holiday, and we’re going to continue this in the programmes.

How can holiday parks get involved with Britain’s Best Breaks?

We feature many holiday parks on our website and as a big supporters of independent businesses, we would love to feature more in our new upcoming shows.

What does a typical day in the office for you entail?

A lot of talking, whether via email or on the phone. My days involve talking to new and existing customers and making sure they’re 100% happy. I am also currently organising the new lifestyle television show that the company are about to launch, so it’s a busy time.

What has been your most interesting experience in the industry?

Filming Shakespeare’s birthday celebration in Stratford upon Avon - the whole place was so alive for the entire weekend. Stratford is well worth a trip and you don’t have to stay at an expensive hotel, there are some lovely places off the beaten track.

What is the best piece of business advice you have been given?

We never plan to fail, only fail to plan.

Where do you go on holiday?

I’m not tied to any destination in the UK, I like visiting the coast and countryside. This year I’ll be looking for somewhere pet friendly so the dog can come too. The trouble is I see so many places over the course of just one day, I’m always totally spoilt for choice.

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