Holiday bookers would rather staycation than go abroad in 2024, according to new research – but it’s a close call. When 1,000 UK holidaymakers were surveyed by Thermos, 52% chose staying close to home, while 48% would choose to head overseas this year. One in three said they had a staycation at some point in the last year (30%).

Only one in 10 (10%) said they felt a staycation wasn’t as much of a break as a holiday abroad. When asked about preferred destinations for a UK getaway, 11 per cent said they kept theirs secret from wider acquaintances, as they feared them becoming too touristy. One in five (22%) said they actively avoided tourist hot spots because they were too busy.

1. Saves travel time – 45%
2. Supports local businesses – 39%
3. There are still lots of places I haven’t explored and want to – 38%
4. Better for the environment – 36%
5. Saves money – 33%
6. No issue with language – 30%
7. Less stressful – 30%
8. No restrictions on luggage – 25%
9. Know I will like the food – 22%
10. I can take my pets - 20%

1. East of England - incl. Norfolk and Cambridgeshire
2. South West England - incl. Cornwall, Devon and the Cotswolds
3. North West - incl. the Lake District
4. East Midlands - incl. Derbyshire and the Peak District
5. North East - incl. Northumberland
6. South East - incl. Oxfordshire, Kent and the Isle of Wight
7. Greater London
8. Yorkshire
9. Scotland

Other reasons quoted were it makes it easier to take family and friends for a group holiday (19%), and enjoying the weather more (12%). The Staycation report also revealed that generally holiday makers will be heading South – with 31% saying that would be their preferred option, whilst 19% would head North.

James Sheldon, Trading Manager at Thermos, said: “Obviously the pandemic necessitated a change in travel habits, and no one was quite sure how that would impact things longer term. It seems the trend for holidaying closer to home is going to continue into 2024, for reasons of ease, cost, the environment and the fact we’re lucky enough to have so many wonderful places in easy reach.

“Twenty per cent of respondents said they preferred a self-catering holiday, so they can choose what and when they eat. In Thermos’ 120-year history we’ve accompanied many families on a Great British getaway, and we are delighted that tradition continues. A flask of tea and fish and chips on the beach remains one of life’s great pleasures!”