Holiday destinations are being urged to switch Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to Maxxton Software. Maxxton Software has emerged as a true game-changer in the hospitality industry by changing traditional but out-dated ERP systems into an integrated, all-in-one software solution.

Through its superior technology, Maxxton software keeps empowering businesses with comprehensive software solutions that optimise operations, enhance guest experiences, and maximise revenue potential. With a strong focus on innovation, customer success, and data-driven insights, Maxxton continues to redefine the possibilities within the industry, shaping the future of hospitality one success story at a time.

Holiday destinations looking to make a significant difference to their business with one strategic decision are being invited to switch their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to Maxxton Software.

One of the key strengths of the Maxxton system is its ability to integrate and seamlessly link various operational areas within the holiday business. Whether it’s reservation management, housekeeping, maintenance, guest communications, or financials, an integrated ERP system enables smooth coordination across departments.

Maxxton Software provides a joined- up solution that serves as the ultimate one-source solution for organisations and stands out for its customer-centric approach. By closely collaborating with holiday parks, such as Roompot, Landal UK, Vacansoleil, and Europarcs, Maxxton has gained deep insights into the industry’s challenges, pain points, and evolving trends.

This understanding has allowed Maxxton to develop an ERP system tailored specifically to the needs of holiday parks, ensuring optimal functionality and operational efficiency. Every part of your holiday destination business is included in a process that is simple, smart, and connective.

The centralised reservation management is an integrated system that simplifies the booking process for holiday parks. Park operators can efficiently handle reservations, availability, and pricing, ensuring accurate and real-time information. The Content Manager enables holiday park owners and managers to efficiently create, organise, publish, and update content across multiple channels.

You have the option to link media, descriptions, available channels, rentable conditions, add-ons etc. for editing or adding the content to dashboards. The Revenue Manager is an integrated and real-time data-driven solution. The Revenue Manager integrates powerful revenue optimisation tools that enable businesses to set dynamic pricing strategies, maximise occupancy, and increase revenue.

“The significant growth of the Roompot organisation in recent decades has partially been made possible by Maxxton,” shares Jurgen van Cutsem, CEO of Netherlands-based Roompot. “We have been working together for many years to set the standard within the hospitality industry and to remain at the forefront. As a result, our collaboration and progress with Maxxton is going very well.

“ Responding quickly to changing conditions, adequately implementing newly acquired parks, and always able to translate the latest developments in our industry into software solutions in agreement. The specialised Maxxton software consultants always ensure innovation and renewal. If you want to make a difference for your organisation then make your first move by logging on to