THREE CLIFFS’ TWO CAPELLE 2HCX and Capella 2HCX Lifted comfortably deliver up to 80 miles with their 210AH batteries.

When Three Cliffs Bay needed new utility vehicles to maintain the five-star standard at its holiday park in Gower, Wales, it chose STAR EV. In the move it upgraded to lithium power from petrol and that is always a smart move. From full charge to discharge, STAR smart lithium batteries deliver higher peak power for improved performance all round.

It delivers full power for longer drive distance with no sacrifice in power. Maintenance-free STAR Smart Lithium batteries take a charge, hold a charge, and recharge over 2,000 times. With an extremely low self-discharge rate, the batteries provide maintenance free peace of mind, while Android and iPhone Smart Lithium app monitors battery usage, voltage and temperature, so STAR smart batteries are ready to go when the day’s work starts.

There need be no anxiety when it comes to range. Three Cliffs opted for two Capella 2HCX vehicles, which comfortably deliver up to 80 miles with their 210AH battery and a Capella 2HCX Lifted which offers similar features but with great off road capability and higher ground clearance.

Tom Beynon, owner of Three Cliffs Bay, confirms the point: “These machines have proved to us very quickly that they can take on all the tasks we need them to without any difference in productivity to their petrol counterparts and without disturbance. “We use them for rubbish collection and recycling. The big, strong cargo area at the back of the Lifted and the fact that we can add a trailer means it’s become part of our gardening arsenal too.”

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THE CAPELLA 2HCX Lifted offers great off-road capability and higher ground clearance.