Helping you have a more sustainable and cost-effective future!

Helping You Have A More Sustainable & Cost-Effective Future!

The rising cost of energy bills has become increasingly concerning across the industry, with many looking at making their holiday parks greener and switching to an alternative energy supply. Although CPES manufacture a large number of electrical distribution units, we also have a number of options to support your solar installations.

The flexibility within our products sets us apart from others in the industry, allowing us to suit your specification. When it comes to solar output, it’s proven the highest period is April to October which conveniently coincides with your park visitors – meaning you can save money during peak season.

At Caravan Park Electrical Services we manufacture our Mains Panels and Distribution Units to incorporate the appropriate safety components ensuring you have a panel which supports your solar installation. Alongside these products, we manufacture Inverter Isolation Panels allowing you to isolate the solar panel supply enabling the appropriate work to be carried out. If you’re looking to move from traditionally wired lights to solar powered, our portfolio holds both low and high-level options.

If you’re looking for supporting infrastructure for your solar installation, contact a member of the team who can talk you through the options!

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