Energy-Efficient Era For Hot Tub Heating

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The compact heat exchanger is hidden behind the skin of the hot tub, so is neither visible nor affects the design.

Energy-Efficient Era For Hot Tub Heating

Bowman heat exchangers are helping a luxury golf and leisure resort save thousands of pounds a year on its energy bills while maximising the potential of its sustainable heating system.

The Bowman units are part of a new and innovative heating system for hot tubs, which uses a biomass boiler and heat exchangers instead of conventional electric heating. The system has been installed at the KP Club, a prestigious leisure destination which is set in 180 acres of the Yorkshire Wolds. The club recently opened 24 new luxury woodland lodges which offer guests privacy combined with the facilities of a boutique hotel.

The lodges each have their own hot tub, supplied by Bristol based, Urban Cedar, who are specialists in the design, build and installation of contemporary cedar wood hot tubs. The energy savings of the combined biomass boiler/heat exchanger system are nothing short of remarkable.

“On average, using conventional electric heaters, each hot tub would use around £500 annually in electricity. However, by using the existing heat source of the biomass boiler system, the hot tubs are now heated at no extra cost – saving the KP Club approximately £12,000 a year,” says Antony Perry, managing director of Urban Cedar.

The KP Club approached Urban Cedar when the resort was looking at a greener way of heating the hot tubs. “Having heard that heat exchangers are a highly efficient solution, the club asked us to contact Bowman first, because of its reputation as the best in the industry. Bowman introduced us to GVS, one of their UK distributors, who advised us on the best unit for the application” says Antony.

Urban Cedar fitted the hot tubs with the Bowman units which was simple as just standard plumbing components are required. The compact heat exchanger is hidden behind the skin of the hot tub, so is neither visible nor affects the design.

An added benefit of the new system is the much faster heat up times. Traditionally, electric heaters would raise the water temperature in the tubs by 1-2°C an hour, taking up to 24 hours to heat a tub from cold. The Bowman heat exchangers raise the water temperature by 12°C an hour – so the tub reaches temperature within just two to three hours, giving greater flexibility between changeovers and ensuring the tubs are immediately ready when new guests arrive.

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