All-Weather Swimming For Visitors


West Hayes Caravan Park in Lyme Regis has installed an Endless Summer enclosure over its existing pool to extend its swimming season.

All-Weather Swimming For Visitors

Fed up with a seemingly endless round of wet summers, West Hayes Caravan Park in Lyme Regis called in local pool retailer, Isca Pools to install an Endless Summer enclosure over their existing swimming pool to extend the swimming season.

Manager of the caravan park, Carol Bishop, says: “Erecting the enclosure is the best thing we have done in terms of increasing our business. “We have had so many favourable comments from customers about the difference it has made and the fact that they can now enjoy the pool, one of our main attractions, for so much longer, that it is worth every penny spent on it.

“Whereas before we could only open the pool from May to September, now we plan to open it from March to October.”

A textbook installation, the 17.6m x 11.0m, nine bay telescopic enclosure at West Hayes was up and running in just four days. Endless Summer is an experienced British company that manufacture pool enclosures specifically designed to suit the UK climate.

The pool enclosure is made up of a series of modular components which can be integrated to ensure that the enclosure can accommodate almost any shape pool, pool surround materials and adjoining buildings. The flexibility of the design and its adaptability will respond to your most creative and imaginative plans. Besides the standard enclosures, custom designs include retracting, fixed, lean-to, low level and centre opening models.

Richard Kinver, MD of Isca Pools says: “This is the second Endless Summer enclosure that we have installed and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other clients.

“It has surpassed mine and the customer’s expectations and is the ideal solution to the unpredictable British climate. It’s easy to use, unobtrusive and attractive in design.”

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