A Welcome Upgrade In Online Booking


The new Welcome Anywhere booking system allows holiday park owners to reclaim their park’s allocations, without high commissions charges.

A Welcome Upgrade In Online Booking

As a supplier, it’s not often that you attend to a trade show with an unfinished product. But that’s exactly what Welcome Computer Systems did at this year’s Lawns Show, armed with their work in progress product – Welcome Anywhere for holiday parks.

For over thirty years the company has built web-based computer systems and their latest online booking system is designed specifically for the holiday park sector.

Welcome sales director Mark Ellis, explains: “Our desire to enter a brand new sector brought us to the Lawns Show and presented us with an exciting opportunity to speak face-to-face with holiday park operators. We wanted to find out why other providers have seemingly struggled to make a significant mark in the industry and just what was expected from such a system.”

Due for release at the end of the year, the new Welcome Anywhere system allows holiday park owners to reclaim their park’s allocations and make the most of selling holidays directly to guests, therefore avoiding high commission charges and offering a fully-transparent booking service.

Mark adds: “While we have always specialised in booking software for hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs, we recognise that the parks industry is vastly under-served when it comes to online booking systems which can provide a tangible return on investment.

“Having recently become fully-accredited members of the BH&HPA, we’re relishing the opportunity to bring our hotel booking software experience into this vibrant and much-loved industry.”