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Here are the marketplace products & services highlighted in the latest issue.

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Ramp It Up Ramp it up

The UK Ramp Company is a family run business supplying Modular Pumptracks throughout the UK for sale and hire. Modular Pumptracks are fully inclusive and are designed to accommodate micro scooters, bikes and skate boards. They come in a variety of colours and can be designed to suit any space. They are easy to assemble and can be simply moved location within a park. Case studies in Australia have shown that following the installation of a modular pumptrack in a Holiday Park footfall, return bookings and social media presence increased.

The UK Ramp Company
Tel: 01923 678432

Viper SwingViper Swing

The Viper Swing has it all! A giant in-line rope swing with dramatic styling that will breathe life into your play area, the Viper requires teamwork and balance, as well as being challenging and exciting to a wide group of ages and abilities. Its’ simple construction and lack of moving parts mean it is very reliable and virtually maintenance free, another good reason for making it the perfect addition to your leisure facility. Currently on offer as part of our “Supply Only” promotion, Viper can be yours for £3,900 (price excludes VAT, delivery and installation, list price £4,985).

Tel. 0845 260 1655

A Lot O'Bottle A lot o' Bottle

NBB furniture is made from 100% recycled plastic, using recycled milk bottles which are condensed down into a solid dense material – meaning they will never crack or discolour. Recycled plastic is available in a range of colours including traditional brown, black, contemporary looking grey or vibrant colours including blue, green and cranberry. Whether it’s a traditional a-frame style picnic table or a beautiful planter to add a splash of colour to your order areas, NBB Recycled Furniture lead the way in offering an extensive range, designed and manufactured in the UK. What’s more, they offer free UK delivery and include a 25 year guaranteed as standard, meaning your furniture will last for many years to come with very little investment.

NBB Recycled Furniture
Tel. 0800 1777 052

Extended Season

Combining fashion and function, at a touch of a button, outdoor fires allow guests to extend the holiday season and make the most of their evenings. Ivy Living offer a range of outdoor fi res including the Table, the Large, the Inclusive and the Compact for hospitality and lodges. They are suitable for roofed or partially enclosed areas to create a magical social experience without sparks, fumes, smoke, or ash, just warmth and atmosphere.Easy to clean and resistant to sun, rain and frost, all Ivy Living units are completely self-contained with their own propane gas cylinder, or can be linked into a stored propane system.

Tel. 0844 800 2214

Smarter EnergyEnergy Controls

With the new Energy Controls App, users of the company’s SMART Pre-pay meters can make energy payments from their smartphone, tablet or PC. This dramatically reduces admin and eliminates the need for cash handling for landlords whilst providing a safe, simple and secure way for consumers to purchase electricity credits anytime and from anywhere. Energy Controls is the UK’s leading supplier of SMART meters and Pre-payment metering systems. Having been a market leader for over 25 years they are the UK’s exclusive distributor for the world’s largest meter manufacturer, Landis and Gyr. For more details contact the team today or visit the Energy Controls website.

Energy Controls
Tel. 03452 304 535

Exceeding ExpectationsExceeding Expectations

Recent investment in IT systems, personnel and staff training means that Compass is better equipped than ever to exceed our clients’ expectations. We feel bigger, we feel stronger and we’re raring to go! Plans to improve both the products and services we provide in 2018 are well advanced and we’re anticipating exciting growth and change. Watch this space! In the meantime, our multi-skilled, long-experienced team will continue to offer our clients specialist park business cover and 24/7/365 emergency support. We’ll also continue to offer free, no-obligation insurance health checks to those that might be seeking an alternative provider.

Compass Insurance
Tel: 01452 511430

Time To RelaxTime to relax

Looking after your pool, so you don’t have to, the New Bayrol Salt Relax Pro is innovative in its use of salt water to produce the chlorine to disinfect pool water. The key features include a low salt concentration (only 1.5g/l) and an adjustable automatic reduction of chlorine production and pool cover operation with self-cleaning electrodes and adjustable timing. The Bayrol Salt Relax can be used in pools up to 70m3 and offers flexible cell output for up to 5000 hours.

Pollet Pool Group
Tel. 01658 234 038

Communal AreasACommunal Areas

Years of experience working in the holiday and leisure sector means that we can help you to transform underutilised areas to create the perfect communal space within your Holiday Park. We understand the importance of creating great outdoor socialising and dining opportunities for your clients, regardless of what the British weather is doing. Our canopies provide rain and sunshine protection, making the communal space truly functional all year round. We conduct FREE site surveys, design and build a canopy for your space, providing a seamless service from start to finish. All our structures are guaranteed for 25 years, giving complete peace of mind. If you would like to create the perfect outdoor communal space, get in touch today.

Tel. 01243 55 44 55

Property Part ExchangeProperty Part Exchange

Quickmove Properties is the UK’s largest property part exchange company. They work with leisure parks across the UK to offer a professional property part exchange service for customers looking to secure a holiday home, without the hassle of selling an existing second home on the open market. Property part exchange takes away the anxieties and uncertainties of the transaction, turning a holiday home browser into a ready to proceed cashbuyer. Quickmove Properties also provide a ‘Stock Support’ service to UK park operators and have a range of units ready for siting that can bring forward completion by several weeks.

Quickmove Properties
Tel. 0800 328 2168

Cutting EdgeCutting Edge

Designed with simplicity, performance and reliability at its core, the ProCut 53 rotary mower from Trimax comes in four cutting widths. All can match the finish of a cylinder mower in a range of conditions while completely outclassing them on rougher terrain. The mowers can stripe, spread clippings, perform exceptionally in wet conditions, cope with rough ground and debris, cut cleanly at high ground speeds and mow in reverse. If you are interested in a demonstration get in touch with Trimax today.

Trimax Mowing Systems
Tel. +44(0) 1933 652235