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The UK leader of hydrogen ready energy efficient hot water heating systems and units, are comprehensive service plans for all appliances at new and existing sites.
The Rinnai Service Plans start from as little as £25 per month.

The Rinnai Service Plans include:
• Annual Service - to ensure that the hot water heating system is working at maximum efficiency. This will ensure lower costs and a longer working life from the Rinnai appliance.
• A “Call Out Service” in the unlikely event of a breakdown where an engineer maybe required.
• System Inspection - to review and offer advice to achieve full compliance to all current legislation.

Rinnai UK
01928 531 870


The Rinnai Sensei N Series is the first ever continuous flow hot water heating unit manufactured with stainless steel heat exchangers to be available in the UK - this gives a greatly extended working life at optimum performance to each of the four models in the range.

The four models are:
• N1600i giving 954 litres per hour.
• N1600e (external) also giving 954 litres per hour (at 50 degrees).
• N1300i giving 775 litres per hour and
• N1300e also giving 775 litres per hours of hot water at 50 degrees.

Rinnai UK
01928 531 870


Timber, steel or tensile, Fordingbridge canopies provide quick, permanent solutions to allow year-round covered space at UK holiday parks.
UK holidaymakers now wish to enjoy more time outside, and Fordingbridge are here to help holiday park operators adapt, ensuring their facility can provide this extra weather protected space throughout the year.
If you are looking to provide shade and rain protection for your guests, contact us today to see how we can help your park.

01243 554455


Imagining what your next dream play or fitness area will look like can be difficult. The new KOMPAN app ImaginIt helps you to release your imagination and play around with any equipment you like in an augmented reality. Just point your phone or tablet to an area you like, select the equipment you like and start placing them. Before you know it, a cool new play or fitness site located right there on your site is appearing before your eyes. Learn more about ImaginIt on our website.

01908 201002


In light of the pandemic, ensuring your outdoor areas are fit for use has never been more crucial. NBB recycled plastic is the perfect choice when considering furniture to optimise your outdoor areas. The material looks like timber but can last outside all year round without the need for annual maintenance. All our furniture comes with our market-leading 25-year warranty! It is eco- friendly, extremely hard wearing, guaranteed never to split, chip, crack, or rot, and the non- porous properties make it easy to clean between uses.

NBB Recycled Furniture
0800 1777 052


Following extensive testing and verification the Sensei N Series range is ‘Hydrogen ready’ for the proposed initial supply of hydrogen blends fed through the existing gas infrastructure. The Sensei N Series can by powered by a blend of up to 30% hydrogen. Rinnai UK is also in advanced development of units which can handle the complete hydrogen gas supply. The appliance is described as ‘out of the box’ design engineered and approved to be installed for use on natural gas.

Rinnai UK
01928 531 870


The innovative GC PoolCop management system remotely monitors all aspects of a pool — providing 24/7 operational visibility. When the pool requires attention, an alert is sent to the management company, allowing engineers to proactively take care of the pool before the owner even knows there’s a problem. GC PoolCop minimises service call outs, optimises resources, and saves time on maintenance — resulting in efficient pool management and stronger client relationships.

Golden Coast
01271 378100


Is your park tired of doing the admin for insuring customers’ caravans and lodges?
Why not take a step back from insurance and focus on your core business? Let Leisuredays do it all.
With over 70 skilled advisers, Leisuredays look after your customer’s insurance needs seven days a week. Plus a secure website allows customers to quote, buy, and renew their policies online. Leisuredays maximise customer take up to deliver healthy insurance profits for you!
Call today to find out how we can help you and your customers.

Leisuredays Insurance
Tel. 01422 396 693


Holiday parks around the UK are already benefitting from an innovative heat pump from Golden Coast.
The inverter-driven air source pump heats water up to 40°C while operating on a lower current. This removes the risk of overloading the park’s supply and significantly reduces energy bills – helping site owners to save thousands. Plus, with noise levels of only 40dB, the pump won’t disturb guests.
It even operates in low temperatures, enabling parks to continue offering enjoyable hot tub experiences all year round.

Golden Coast
01271 378100


Compass are specialist insurance providers to the holiday and residential parks industry and operate in unique alliance with BH&HPA.

Our park business policy rolls covers together to keep things simple and can protect everything from your park’s liabilities, buildings, infrastructure, facilities, machinery, employees and members of the public to your own home and its contents.

We also help parks sell or introduce our carefully designed private owners’ cover, because we know that a customer’s loss can impact on your business.

Compass Insurance
0344 274 0276