Laser Battles

Laser BattlesLaser Battles

World of Rides have been delighted by the response to their brand-new range of… ‘Parent & Child’, or twin seat for eight to 80 years old kids and kidsat- heart… 24v battery operated soft-impact ‘Laser Battle’ Bumper Cars to the U.K. leisure and holiday park industries. Their ‘Laser Battle’ Bumper Cars allow riders to use their lasers to hit the targets on the sides and back of the other cars, which are then forced to ‘Stop & Spin’ before being allowed to move forward again and rejoin the battle with the other players. The cars are all remotely operated by a wrist-strap STOP/START controller, so that all the riders do so in complete safety, by ensuring that one or all cars can be instantly stopped or restarted whenever required.

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